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His book-'Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research & Strategic Digital Marketing" is a fountain of knowledge, packed out with all the information you need to start your independent market research and strategic digital marketing journey.

About the Book

Mr. Mirdul Amin Sarkar is a book author, market research influencer, consultant, professional trainer/mentor, strategic digital marketing consultant, and a proud first generation entrepreneur.

He is doing his PhD in Strategy area. By education he is a MDP from IIT Delhi, PGDC from CBIP, MBA from UPES, B.Tech from JNTU. He started his entrepreneurship journey since he founded the Market Research Universe (MRU) in 2019 with the vision of "Making the Market Research Industry Function Better and Helping Clients to Get the Best Quality & Actionable Market Research Reports in a Competitive Price". MRU is the state-of-the-art knowledge sharing, market intelligence and professional training providing platform, dedicatedly created for market research industry and its customer base. 

To know more about him and to stay updated on the latest things in Market Research Industry, connect with @Mirdul Amin Sarkar on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Additionally, the book guides you through the market sizing methodology, survey research, consumer behavior study, business development strategy in market research industry, etc.  The complementary online training program on Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research & Strategic Digital Marketing will help you to grasp the key concepts and provide you with the skills required to excel in the market research industry.

•How COVID-19 pandemic will act as a catalyst for Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research?

•How the market research industry is going to online on post covid-19 pandemic world?

•How covid-19 is likely to give independent professionalism/ freelancing a major growth spurt?

•What will be the impact of COVID-19 in market research industry?

•What will be the post COVID-19 pandemic trends and future prospects of market research industry?

Career Perspectives: 

•How to become an independent market researcher

•How to do Market Sizing / Market Estimation & Forecasting

•Market Research Methodology, Competitive Abalysis

•Marketing strategies in MR industry

•Business development strategy in MR industry

•Entrepreneurship in Market Research Industry...& many more.

Training Director / Mentor's Profile: 

  • A supportive work-from-home mode 

  • Genuine, merit-based career growth.

Deployment / Placement and Work Opportunity

After successfully completion of the program, candidate can start her market research professional journey by below mentioned options-

Job Option 1: Candidate can join any top market research company (100% Placement assistance will be provided)  

Job Option 2: Candidate can join us (Market Research Universe and Our Partenering Market Research Company as an Independent Market Researcher/ Freelance Market Researcher.

It's our pride to inform that the book-'Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research & Strategic Digital Marketing" got cited and enlisted as one of the Text Book at INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (IARE) College for the MBA Elective Course: Entrepreneurial Finance and Marketing.


Recognition and Citation of the Book

The book will not only guide you through the market research methodology but also give you the-state-of-the-art strategy in digital marketing, independent market research & entrepreneurship in market research industry.

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  • Training and development sessions to upskill participants.

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Market Research Universe (MRU) has introduced a program aimed at helping married women return to the corporate world. The Married Women Corporate Returnee Program is designed to provide a platform for women who have taken a career break due to marriage or family obligations and are now looking to re-enter the workforce.


The program is tailored to suit the specific needs of married women and includes a comprehensive training module that covers the latest market research techniques and tools. This program also offers flexible work hours, allowing women to balance work and personal commitments.


Market Research Universe's Married Women Corporate Returnee Program is an excellent opportunity for women who have taken a career break and want to re-enter the workforce. The program provides women with a chance to update their skills, knowledge, and expertise in market research and helps them to regain their confidence and motivation.

Married Women Corporate Returnee Program in Market Research 

Outcome of the Programme

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Women professionals who are:

  • On a career break of a year or more

  • Passionate about pursuing a career in the market research


Program's Training Module

The program's training module covers a range of topics, including market research methodologies, data collection techniques, and data analysis tools. It also includes training in communication skills, project management, and team collaboration. The program is designed to equip women with the latest market research techniques and tools, making them more competitive in the job market.


The program's flexible work hours allow women to balance work and personal commitments. It is an essential feature for married women who have to juggle multiple responsibilities. The program's flexible work schedule is an excellent opportunity for women to build their careers without sacrificing their personal lives.