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Academic Research Master (ARM) translates your research paper/journal writing to a publishable manuscript. Our academic research experts and editors are ready to guide you through the entire life cycle for academic research paper publication content.


  • We offer a team of experts and editors in various subjects and offer end-to-end support from manuscript selection to citation booster.
  • Our academic research expert and editors do review and update your research paper untill that got published.
  • We assist you to making a appropriate research paper/ manuscript towards publishing in peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Our experts ensure your content is succident, structured and internationally recognized.
  • We review, update, submit your manuscript and response to editorial comments.


Making your research paper into a publishable manuscript

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All of our writers have an academic qualification in their subject, all of the way up to Master's/PhD level. 

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If you are looking for the best academic writing services including research paper writing, research journal writing, research article writing for Masters/ PhD thesis, then you are at the right platform. Academic Research Master (ARM), the academic research division of MRU; specialises in custom academic papers for masters and doctoral students. ARM offers an academic writing service across all domains/subjects and their sub-topics. 


Hence, we can pair you up with an expert on that subject and provide you with the best academic paper to ensure your requirement. Our professional academic services are available at a competitive price to all students in college and university. We have writers qualified to write for you at graduate and undergraduate levels and doctoral and master’s degree levels.

With its range of academic research paper services, Academic Research Master (ARM), the academic research division of MRU, supports academic institutions, universities and libraries in collating pertinent information from a multitude of sources, both online and offline.

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