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Welcome to Market Research Universe. We are a market research-driven business consulting, marketing, and training center. We leverage Market Research as a powerful tool for data-driven success.


Our comprehensive service portfolio encompasses:

1. Business Consulting Services

2. Digital Marketing & Brand Creation Services

3. Data Analysis

4. Market Research Services, including Syndicated and Customized Market Research, and Industry Reports

5. Consumer Survey and Research, covering Consumer Behaviors and Trends, Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoters, User Experiences, and more.

-6. Business Plan Development,


Hence, MRU offering end-to-end support for market research, business data collection, analysis, and tailored marketing and strategic business consulting services.


We caters to Individual professionals, startups, small, medium, and large organizations globally.


Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art consultation to entrepreneurs, investors, research & consulting organizations, government body, non-profit, and corporate clients all over the world.


Our another mission is to making the market research industry function better by providing state-of-the-art trainings & development services and products. 

About Us

Social Cause behind the MRU's Training & Business Model

Why the MRU’s Independent Market Research is a Social Entrepreneurship Business Model?

Social Entrepreneurs: They are those who identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities that create social values. Social values refer to the basic long standing needs of society. They focus on the disadvantaged sections of the society. They play the role of change agents in the society. In short, social entrepreneurs are those who start ventures not for making profits but also for providing social welfare.

Social Causes behind the MRU’s Training & Business Model

1. MRU always believes in social entrepreneurship. 

2. MRU offering the Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research training program within a minimum price, so that anyone who is really passionate and want to be independent and self-employed, can start high profile independent professional / entrepreneurship career in market research & consulting industry.

3. MRU want to bridge the gap of unemployment in India and happily took the initiative to decrease the gap of unemployment in India through the Fellow Programme in Market ResearchMarket Research Practical Training Program (MRPTP)Freelance Market Researcher Program (FMRP) and Entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research training program. Hence, MRU is promoting the self-employment/ entrepreneurship in India.

4. Women Empowerment/Entrepreneurship: MRU believes that Women Entrepreneurship Development is a very necessity in nation towards a developed nation, so on with our nation India too. Looking forward on Women Entrepreneurship in India MRU designed a customized training program for single women and as well as for the married women, so that they can operate from home and become an independent women by starting the high profile independent freelancing in market research & consulting or taking the MRU’s agency for entrepreneurship in Independent Market Research.  

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Market Research Academy

Market Research Academy (MRA) is the training division of Market Research Universe (MRU), which offers India’s first practical and live project oriented market research online training program with 100% placement assistance and corporate reference letter. Enroll in the top practical and live project oriented training program at affordable prices. We help students to start their career in the booming and in-demand market research industry. Market Research Academy (MRA) prepares the student for the industry by giving them knowledge of several research techniques, and strategies of professional market research.

Market Research Training Program is India’s first practical and live project oriented online market research training program offered by MRA. Moreover, our curriculum been structured according to the individual requirements of professionals, business owners and job seekers. Our market research courses are practical oriented and give students the chance to work on live projects. Thus, students get a hands-on experience of the roles and responsibilities of a market research associate/ analyst.

Furthermore, Market Research Academy (MRA) also giving placement assistance and corporate reference letter to all the students. We also provide lifetime support to students after the completion of the training program. With the industry growing at an exponential rate, students will get innumerable job opportunities in the industry. Also, our courses help businesses to maintain a strong presence on market research. Therefore, we build successful careers in market research and business consulting industry with our practical oriented market research training program.

Know About Us & Our Innovations

Be Different with Your Startup Mindset

Startup Fish helps early-stage start-ups to comprehend the nuances of entrepreneurship while focusing consumer research, verifying the existence of challenges, and creating sustainable companies.

A first-generation entrepreneur must be brave to embark on the challenge of starting a business. Creative entrepreneurs with original concepts sometimes have difficulty determining the demands of the market and developing a sustainable business. Since they don't comprehend the market need, studies have revealed that 80% of businesses fail in their initial stages. Entrepreneurs may reduce risks and improve success rates by receiving the proper entrepreneurship training and startup coaching.

Startup Business Plan Report TM

Startup Business Plan Report is our flagship product launched in 2022. Startup Business Plan Report is a one of a kind of syndicated research report for first generation entrepreneurs, aspiring businessman, and existing businesses. Startup Business Plan Report will help you to avoid the business failure, selecting the right business plan, before you start investing your valuable time and hard-earned money on it. 

Startup Fish