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Get a job in an organization or start your career as a fresher.

Know your market size, market segmentations, competitors product strategy and customer base before you start your own firm 

Who Can Enroll in Those Programs 

After successfully completion of the program, candidate can able to start high ticket freelancing work with MRU and our clients with the capacity of independent market researcher and consultant. Candidate gain expertise in research design and market research methodology. Candidates can able to make quality and actionable market research reports as per the client requirements. After successfully completion of the training program, candidate can start their journey as:
Freelance Market Researcher Program (FMRP) / Independent Market Researcher Program
Market Research Universe (MRU) is the pioneer organization providing the Freelance Market Researcher Program (FMRP) / Independent Market Researcher Program.  Candidate who is passionate about market research and want to start their freelance career in the market research & consulting industry or want to start their own market research agency under the guidance of industry experts; can opt for this FMRP program.
Scope of the Program
Independent Professional / Freelancer

Part time freelancers/ full time freelancers / independent working professional who has some financial liabilities and not able to quit their present job but they want to start their career in market research and simultaneously manage both the present job and freelancing part-time work for extra income source.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Candidate can start their own market research & consulting agency/ partnership with Market Research Universe (MRU). For this case MRU’s industry experts and operational training team will give Business Sustainability Training (BST) to all the aspiring entrepreneurs to run their business successfully in this competitive market.

Hire Top Quality 

Freelance Market Researcher / Independent Market Researcher

Students & Jobseekers

Enhance you market research skills/ get a job in market research and consulting industry.

Why MRU?

Many entrepreneurs, business directors, business decision makers, marketing managers, face challenges with finding top quality market researcher/ analyst/ consultant from candidate qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial scale. MRU's unique solution for hiring independent and freelance market researchers addresses all of these concerns. 

Market Researcher Hiring Made Easy

Market Research Universe (MRU) is an exclusive network of the Top Freelance / Independent
Market Researcher, Research Analyst, Research Manager, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Financial Modeling Expert. 
Hire top MRU's freelancers for your research work and get an actionable insights 
and consulting solutions for your business. 




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A Consultant on our team will work with you to understand your research requirement, commercials and team dynamics.

Work with the new research team member on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring you hire the right people for the job. 

Within 24 hours, we will introduce you to the right research expert for your project. 

Freelance Market Researcher Program (FMRP)  

We are the Pioneer in Freelance Market Researcher / Independent Market Researcher Training Program

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