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StartupFish helps early-stage start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to comprehend the nuances of entrepreneurship while focusing consumer research, verifying the existence of challenges, and creating sustainable companies.

A first-generation entrepreneur must be brave to embark on the challenge of starting a business. Creative entrepreneurs with original concepts sometimes have difficulty determining the demands of the market and developing a sustainable business. Since they don't comprehend the market need, studies have revealed that 80% of businesses fail in their initial stages. Entrepreneurs may reduce risks and improve success rates by receiving the proper entrepreneurship training and startup coaching. 

Startup Business Plan Reports

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on Startup and Entrepreneurship

Developing future-proof business strategies to navigate the ever changing market landscape. 

Startup Business Plan Report is our flagship report (product) launched in 2022. Startup Business Plan Report is a one of a kind of syndicated research report, brainchild and designed by Mr. Mirdul Amin Sarkar, Founder at Market Research Universe, keeping in mind of first generation entrepreneurs, aspiring businessman, and existing businesses to help them to avoid the business failure, selecting the right business plan- market demand analysis, competitive analysis, and go-to-market strategy before they start investing their valuable time and hard-earned money on it. 

Startup Business Plan Report

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